Construction Updates


“Modern, fresh and exciting.”

This is how internationally-acclaimed architect Royal Christopher Lopez Pineda described Sundance Residences, the flagship real estate project of Worldwide Central Properties. Backed by 40 years of trusted experience in the steel and construction supply industry, Sundance Residences is guaranteed to offer homes with comfort, beauty and style.

Known for its string of achievements in the supplying quality construction materials to historic landmarks in Cebu Properties is the real estate arm of Worldwide Steel Group of Companies — a stalwart partner in the construction industry since 1976.

Through the years, Worldwide Steel Group has developed a keen eye for recognizing and manufacturing high-quality construction materials from steel mill operation, nails, purlins and PVC pipe manufacturing; production and installation of long-span roofing; and retail distribution of cement and finishing materials.

Having all the necessary raw, affordable quality construction materials to supply developers, the company is the best group to offer high-quality homes.


Sundance Residences is a new concept in city living that suits the lifestyle of young families today. Designed with the modern family in mind, Sundance Residences features the modern style and amenities that celebrate traditional values and sensibilities.

Internationally-acclaimed architects Budji Layug and Royal Pineda came up with the concept of cornerless architecture to complement Sundance Residences’ advocacy for child-friendly homes.

“If you notice the architecture, for example, the balcony, we turned off the sharp edges. Then, if you go deeper in the interior, some elements in the lobby, the rooms even the lavatories — are cornerless. Because these are the places where the kids roam around,” Pineda said. In every room, the light switches are lower so that kids can reach them. There are also child-friendly restrooms in the common areas. Adding up to the interior architecture, the residential developer partnered with Safety 1st Philippines, a team of certified baby proofing installers to help every home be a safer place for the children.


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